Artomatic, opening night


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October first was the ribbon cutting, really, but it had the air of an opening. Many of the artists were there, hanging out and answering questions about their work. There were snacks, there was a band. It was a good time all around!

Our room was one of the most festive, in my opinion.


Two Days of Book Case Puzzling


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Everything was framed and ready to go for Saturday morning setup, all frames matched with stands (where needed), and our little signage bits and business card holders for the bookcase on which we’re displaying work. Set off to Frederick and got there around 1 pm. Spent a while getting things arranged to best fill the shelf space. …and then a while longer rearranging. And again. Until finally it looked similar to this!

Turned out we needed to print more signage, some stickers, and the QR code we’d made (look around the building… we’re creeping out amongst the halls). So, back there on Sunday!

You really get to know the bizarre roadside landmarks when you drive some place over and over inside of a week. Such as Adventure Park USA!¬†Or two different county fairgrounds! The carnival which had been in Frederick was closing up today, and looking as sad and destitute as such things do in their burnt-out, littered way. This weekend we spent driving 6 hours round trip, to bring our artwork and final accoutrements up to the Artomatic space for the setup deadline. We always set out to have stuff all ready and non-last-minute… but it rarely seems to work out! One day we’ll just give up planning and start doing shows utterly unrehearsed, on street corners, in the middle of DC traffic.

Next venture: Saturday, Oct 1st, for the opening night ceremonies. Do come by and check it out!



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That’s right, Cinnamonopteryx Press is debuting at the Artomatic in Frederick Maryland! We’re located on the third floor lounge, so stop by and take a gander.

Artomatic runs from September 28th through November 6th, 2011. It takes place in an enormous old school building, whose attic you must do yourself the favor of exploring. It’s quite neat.

In addition to CP, there are hundreds of other artists slated to occupy pretty much every available surface in the four-story building. It’s a bit of a hike to get there, but it should be a blast.